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Dartmouth High School, South Dartmouth, MA

The LAX Ball Dr Pro is amazing!!! I refurbished 3 buckets (150 balls) in no time. I showed the product to several coaches in our area and they too were amazed. Expect the orders to pour in. Thanks LAX Dr!

— Peter Crane (Head Coach Boys Lacrosse)


Freedom-South Riding High School, South Riding, VA

Just purchased the Lax Dr. Pro and though I wasn’t sure how well it would actually work, it has been better than I expected. After cleaning our first 8 balls, I had our players close their eyes and hold a new ball and a Lax Dr. Pro ball and none of them could tell the difference.

While it still has to be determined how long a refurbished ball will last, it has already turned 4 buckets (300+ balls) into useable balls that we can use right now for practice.

— Warren Danzenbaker (Assistant Varsity Lacrosse Coach)


Stone Bridge High School, Ashburn, VA

“I no longer hear players complain about so many of the lacrosse balls being unusable. With the Lax Ball Doctor, we’ve been able to utilize balls that would normally be thrown out. Players have donated their used lacrosse balls to our program and we turn them into usable lacrosse balls again. It has saved us money, as well as eliminated the “It was a bad ball!” excuse to poor passes or shots.”

— Scott Mitchell (Head Coach)

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A Video about The Lacrosse Ball Dr Pro made by high school student Mike Ruth. Thanks Mike!